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“Life’s ‘pretty good,’ right? But is ‘pretty good’ enough for you? Or do you want more? I work with smart, capable achievers who are ready to challenge themselves to create the life they’ve always wanted.”

– Lisa Jones, Life Coach | Calgary, Alberta.

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Are You Trying to Make a Change In Your Life?

Whether you need help with a big change, a difficult decision, or a nagging problem – hiring a professional coach might be the solution for you. Especially when it comes to change. Change can be scary. It can bring up feelings of fear and discomfort which make us want to quit on ourselves. But I won’t let you! I’m here to show you how to overcome your fears so you can tackle your goals with more confidence and clarity.

Dragging your heels on the way to work every morning? Wondering if this is it? Let me start by saying – you are not alone. Working together, we will get you moving towards a more rewarding and fulfilling career.

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Common Career Areas I Coach

  • Feeling unfulfilled, undervalued, or stuck in your current job.
  • Becoming the leader you were meant to be.
  • Feeling out of balance.
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles that are keeping you from starting your own business.
  • Dealing with a difficult employer, employee, colleague, or team.
  • Feeling anxious or vulnerable about asking for a promotion or a raise in pay.

Do you ever feel like you are failing as a partner, parent, lover, provider, friend or community member? Relationships can be challenging at the best of times. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to ensure others are happy, and often at the expense of our own needs and values. Let’s take a look at where you might be struggling so you can make changes that will foster more positive, open, and rewarding relationships.

I have opened a second practice which is dedicated to transforming peoples lives through their relationships. You can learn more about that practice here to see if it is the right fit for you.

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Common Relationship Issues I Coach

  • Feeling distant and or resentment towards your partner and unsure how to reconnect.
  • Wondering how to know if your current relationship is “the one”
  • Trouble expressing yourself or asking for what you need (even to those closest to you).
  • Feeling stuck in an unfulfilled or toxic relationship with your friend, family member, partner or colleague
  • Desire to reconcile with an estranged friend or family member, but don’t know where to begin

Has exercising more and eating healthier been your New Years Resolution for the past 5 years? No matter where we are at, there’s always room for better self-care. Once we unlock your motivation and bring awareness to key behaviors, we make room for healthy change that lasts.

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Common Health & Lifestyle Areas I Coach

  • Feeling massive amounts of resistance towards exercising.
  • Knowing you should eat better but have trouble prioritizing it.
  • Lacking the energy and motivation to take better care of yourself.
  • Dealing with chronic stress that manifests in pain or sleeplessness.
  • Using food, alcohol, caffeine, TV, and/or Internet to numb and avoid.
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