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I work with people who are trying to accomplish something. Do you ever wonder if you are living up to your highest potential? Do you have more to offer yourself, your family, and the world? You may just need some guidance to achieve your goals. That’s where I come in! I’ll give you the tools you will need to live a meaningful and fulfilled life, however that looks and feels to you.

I want you to find and follow your dream because I’m lucky enough to be living mine! When I first discovered life coaching in 2010 something inside of me clicked. I knew instantly I had found the thing that I was meant to do. I’m so, so grateful that I get to live my dream of being a catalyst for change in people’s lives. But not just any change – SIGNIFICANT and LASTING change – the kind of change that shakes people to their core and challenges them to do what scares and excites them.

On a professional note – I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through CTI, the Coaches Training Institute. I live in Calgary, Alberta, where I connect with clients anywhere in the world via phone or Skype.

On a personal note – I believe in freedom, real conversations, and spicy foods.

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Success Stories

“As an entrepreneur and educator, one of the biggest challenges I faced last fall was to find a sense of direction in the midst of the myriad of opportunities and challenges that presented themselves. Life coaching with Lisa has been a transformative and empowering experience. Lisa has challenged me to authentically integrate my thought-processes with action steps.”
Amoriza Gunnink., Owner & Educator, Kinderhouse Preschool. Calgary, Canada.
“Every day in my professional life I worked hard, held many responsibilities and was always busy but found that my personal life was becoming less and less of a priority. I was on autopilot at work and my health and well-being in my personal life was being sacrificed. Coaching with Lisa has given me renewed self-assurance in my life, allowed me to be more accepting of myself, and opened me up to learning more about who I am.”
Ian Macdonald, Director of Sales and Marketing, Macdonald Development Corporation, Calgary, Canada
“Lisa has been an amazing help in my life. I was at a cross road with my job and it impacted me so deeply that there was no more balance. I can’t believe how courageous it made me to work with a life coach and how clearer things are now.”
A.M., Ice Skating Choreographer, Kelowna, B.C.
“Lisa has helped me identify what is important to me and what my values are. I have become more confident in the decisions I make, and know that while others may make different decisions, they might not share the same values as me. AND that’s OK!”
Katherine Britton, Florida, U.S.
“Is Spark for Life ever right! Lisa has a true gift in her ability to help you find your true spark and get clear on what keeps getting in your way. Her graceful energy is full of spirit and she will work with you to move from intention to action in a deliberate way. I am grateful for her having worked with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for positive change, greater motivation, and self-improvement in all the goodness of life!”
Ryan Jennings, Executive Financial Consultant, Jennings Wealth / Investors Group.
“It has been three years since I started working with Lisa as my coach. Over that time, we have covered a lot of ground as I balance my career, the demands of a young family (3 and 5 year old girls) and my personal goals. Her guidance has helped me achieve a greater sense of peace and happiness. I value her insights, constant challenges and unfailing positivity.”
Kate Gibson, Director of Finance. Vancouver, B.C.
Through life coaching with Lisa, I was able to align my decisions with actions that reflect my life purpose, vision, goals and values. Lisa has been supportive, empowering and provided timely words of knowledge, affirmation and guidance. I am so grateful for the experience and I truly look forward to our sessions!”
Amoriza Gunnink, Owner & Educator, Kinderhouse Preschool.
“When friends and family can give you a wide range of opinions on what you should do or how you should live your life, Lisa is the spark that helps you see that the answers, happiness and purpose to your life are within you. Since I have started my coaching with Lisa I have felt happier, been able to balance my work and personal life better, changed my diet, exercise regularly, reduce my stress levels, and found much more enjoyment in my life.”
Ian Macdonald, Director of Sales and Marketing, Macdonald Development Corporation.
“When I first started on this journey, I didn’t realize how valuable a life coach could be, but Lisa has been amazing at helping me through some powerful changes in the way I live my life and the decisions I make. She has the right combination of guiding, listening and then holding you accountable. Thank you Lisa!!”
Katherine Britton, Florida, U.S.
“I’ve done a lot of personal growth courses and worked with counselors in the past but it was always about the past. Working with Lisa was all about the now and the future. A new and successful experience for me all around!”
A.M., Ice Skating Choreographer. Kelowna, B.C.

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My Journey

My super power is human connection (that, and I make kick-ass crêpes). The only thing I enjoy as much as challenging myself is challenging other people. Simply put – being a life coach feeds my soul. But explaining who I am and what I do isn’t always easy. My son Wyatt summed it up best when I asked him what he thinks Mommy does for work. After some contemplation, he replied ‘you help make people’s lives better.’

My coaching journey began early. I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where my 3 brothers and 2 sisters were my first clients (think bossy mother hen). Adventure is another passion of mine. After university, all I wanted to do was travel. I did everything from living in a small village in the Philippines with no electricity or running water to summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. I then headed west (well, technically south) to Colorado where I fulfilled my childhood dream of working as a wrangler on a dude ranch. This led me into one of the most rewarding periods of my life – running a guest ranch of my very own in British Columbia.

Those experiences both shaped and harnessed who I am and made me realize my dream of helping people connect to their most powerful selves. If you’re somebody who wants more from life, feels a little out of balance or stuck, and wants to tap into your potential, let’s connect and make it happen. I offer a complimentary session to all potential clients who want to find out what life coaching is all about. Request your session by emailing me at lisa@sparkforlifecoaching.com or by clicking here to access my online contact form.

My Credentials

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through CTI, the Coaches Training Institute.
  • BA in History and Sociology from the University of Western Ontario.

Snapshots of My Journey


The Raw Truth

I am: Passionate. Energetic. Life Changer. A Proud Mother of 3. Dog Trainer. Fast Talker. Motivator. Forgiving. Opinionated. Eternal Optimist. Intuitive. Loving. Competitive. Loud Laugher. Creative. Strong. Enthusiastic. Wannabe Rebel. Trusting. Connecter. Curious.

I Love: Sharing. Adventures. Family Dinners. Not Following Recipes. Card Games. Vacations. Handmade Things. Getting Dirty. Eating Off the Land/Ocean. Imagination. Being on Time. Orcas. Unplugging. Laughing Until I Cry. Sweating. Toasts. Being Cozy. Making Photo Books. Antiques. Gummy Candies. Imperfection. Tennis. Charcuterie. Lists. Being Involved. Cooking. Breaking the Rules. Dogs. TED Talks. Dancing. Camp Fires. Eye Contact.

Feeds my Soul: Giving Old Things New Life. Freedom. Family Time. Hiking. Being Seen. Challenging the Status Quo. Live Music. Planning & Being Spontaneous. Sunshine. Making the Most of a Bad Situation. Being Valued. The Beauty in Everyday Moments. Connection. Inclusion. Watching My children Grow. Experiencing New Cultures. Contributing. Self Discovery. Organizing. Being the Spark. Doing Anything Creative.

Can’t Stand: Unloading the Dishwasher. Instructions. Going Slowly. Being Cold. Mediocrity. Line Ups. Violence. Vague Answers.

Proud Of: The Time I Spent Living in a Small Philippine Village. The Winter I Spent Alone on a Ranch. Summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. Giving Birth to My 3rd Baby at Home in the Tub.

Could Work On: Over Sharing. Relaxing. Being More Openly Vulnerable. Instant Gratification. Patience. Saying No. Closing the cabinets/drawers. Not using my “mad voice” with the kids.

In Awe of: Survivors. Handy People. Musicians. The Human Body, Mind & Spirit. People who don’t apologize for being who they are. Philanthropy. Innovation. Nature. Tradespeople. People who Sacrifice Their Own Happiness For the Sake of Others. Writers. People Who Can Laugh at Themselves. Singers.

Words I Live By

“We’re not looking for the meaning of life so much as we’re looking for the experience of being alive.”
Joseph Campbell
“Love hard and often and without reservation. Seek knowledge. Open yourself to possibility. Keep your heart open, your head high and your spirit free.”
Jeanette LeBlanc
“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”
Danielle LaPorte
“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot have both.”
Brené Brown
“The market for something to believe in is infinite.”
Hugh MacLeod
“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside you.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Whenever there is enthusiasm, there is a creative
 empowerment that goes far beyond what a mere person is
 capable of.”
Eckhart Tolle
“Stop living someone else’s dream. It’s your time!”
Marie Forleo
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